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 Feel Gods Presence

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PostSubject: Feel Gods Presence   Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:48 am

He came to Jesus by night and said to him, "Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do apart from the presence of God." (John 3:2)
Ernest Gordon tells about his imprisonment during the Second World War. The one good thing that they had going for them was a buddy system called "The Mucker System" in which buddies took care of each other.

One man fell deathly ill and the Japanese put him in what was called the hothouse to quarantine him. If you died there, they'd simply burn it down. Once you ended up in the hothouse, there wasn't much hope for you. So, as this man went into the hothouse, the men in the camp began to anticipate his death. But at the end of the week, to their surprise, this man walked out of the hothouse. Sadly, his previously healthy friend was admitted to the hothouse and soon died.

The story behind the story is that this friend, under penalty of death, fed his buddy with some of his own meager food. At night he again would slip out of his barracks and take his blanket to his buddy to help him stay warm. His friend lived to tell the tale. As a result the whole camp was transformed, came to faith, and when the prisoners were freed, the rescuers found a lively Christian community. All because one person felt God's presence and shared it with others.
Dear God, as I feel your presence, may I be intentional about sharing it. In Jesus name, Amen
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Feel Gods Presence
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