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 Prayer Is Heard

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PostSubject: Prayer Is Heard   Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:54 am

I'm going to pour out a little of my heart today. I have managed this forum for many years now. I have seen where there was only a few people viewing to many

God showed me to be steadfast. In other words to continue this forum even if it was just one.

I have prayed for many, and have seen it a few times over the years. Again it is down to few. But the faithful continue to pray,  and pray, and pray.

God supplies all our needs, and He does answer prayer. May not be as fast as you want  our exactly the way you thought, but He is there and He hears.

A wonderful thing happened in the county where my home is. A 13 year old girl name Jayme was abducted from her rural home. Her parents were murdered right in front of her and she was taken.

It took almost three months, but she has been found alive and the abductor has been captured. Through all of this many many people from all over were praying for her to come home, to be found.

We prayed daily and nightly. The community pulled together and became stronger and more loving. A singer from the area on the VOICE this past season dedicated a song to her while he was competing. Long story made short- God heard all those prayers and He answered them. Praise God, for He is good!

I was going to drop this forum for lack of people, but I am not going to. Do this for only one as God has shown me. It may touch a heart, it may help someone.  It may help lead someone to give their heart to Christ!

God Bless you and may you have a great 2019.
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Prayer Is Heard
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